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Audition Review

Are you a pianist or conductor who is applying for a conservatory or school of music?
The audition process doesn't need to be so stressful!

Private Lessons

If you are looking for a piano or conducting teacher, let's connect over Zoom, and see if I can help you over a one-on-one session.


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Some of the content will be duplicated on YouTube and blog, for everyone to learn from.


Submit your practicing recording to receive feedback addressing the efficiency of your work session.

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Audition Review

Listening through several piano, instrumental and conducting auditions over the past years, I’ll be happy to talk to you about your recording and navigate you through the auditioning process. 

Helping you to prepare your mind and repertoire for an impactful and memorable performance at the live auditions. 

Online Workshops (2024)

The following educational events are going to be offered in 2024, with more details being provided in November of 2023. Check back for updates, or sign up to the waiting list: 

  • January – Anxiety MAnagement: Audition Without Boundaries
  • June – Ultimate Practicing Crashcourse
  • July – Score Marking, Score Study and Rehearsal Technique
    (Workshop for Choral and Orchestral Conductors)

Debilitating Stage Anxiety

Does the mere thought of stepping onto a stage make your palms sweaty and stomach churn?
You’ve poured your heart and soul into your craft, but stage fright robs you of the chance to showcase your talent. The spotlight becomes a harsh interrogator, making every note a struggle and tarnishing your hard-earned skills.
Equip yourself with proven anxiety management strategies that help you shine when it matters the most. No more crippling fear, no more missed opportunities—just you and your music in organic coexistence.

Generic Interpretation

Is your musical interpretation lacking that personal touch, coming off as generic or detached? Your performance may be technically sound, but without your unique voice, it loses its soul. The result? A performance that feels more like a recitation than a heartfelt expression.
Learn to infuse your interpretations with authenticity and individuality. Delve into the emotional and intellectual depths of each piece, making every performance a transformative experience for both you and your audience.

Efficient Practicing Coaching & Practicing Submissions

Discover your personalized workflow with my coaching, transforming your practice sessions into intentional, dedicated, and efficient experiences. Learn through heightened awareness and connection to the present, steering clear of rote repetition and strained muscles.

I’m also accepting audio-video submissions of practicing recordings (up to 30 minutes) for a review. You will receive practical feedback to improve your practicing habits.

Authentic and expressive interpretation

Are you finding it challenging at times, to express your personal feelings or become ONE with the piece of music that you perform? Let’s change that.

Stage Anxiety Mentorship

Transform your stage presence with my mentorship, enabling you to share your passion and musical talent without the shadow of stage dread looming over each bar. Embrace the joy of performing and give your audience an impactful and heartfelt performance.

Private Instruction

If you need coaching in preparation for an audition or prefer private instruction – fill out the form, and let’s explore your needs, my experience, and our availability.

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