Aleksandr Polyakov




Aleksandr Polyakov, D.M.A.

I strive for diversification and innovation in education and expressive and engaging interpretation from the stage. 

I believe that Classical Music and Knowledge should be available and accessible to All in order to create a 
positive impact on Everyone’s lives.

Pages that present information on my experiences and background, as well as performed repertoire and current research, can be accessed through the menu or buttons under the pictures below.

Artistic Mission

I am passionately committed to making classical music accessible and relevant, fostering appreciation for both classical, underrepresented masterpieces and innovative contemporary compositions. 

In every interaction, whether with audiences or students, I aim to inspire curiosity, joy, and a sense of personal engagement with music, nurturing artistic growth and strengthening connections between communities and institutions. 

My belief in the contagious power of interaction and the infinite excitement within music and learning fuels my commitment to sharing this enthusiasm.”

Teaching Philosophy

I am ardently devoted to nurturing students’ curiosity and fascination with music, aiming to develop them into independent and expressive artists. My approach is multifaceted, encompassing musicology, theory, stage presence, stress management, and cultural exploration. I endeavor to make every lesson personally relevant, fostering an environment of open, honest interaction and cultivating students’ connection to their repertoire through in-depth exploration of the composer’s life and style. 

A top priority for me is fostering students’ personal connection and expression through music, as this forms the essence of communication with the audience and underpins a sustainable career in performance. I believe in the transformative power of aligning one’s identity with one’s work and view making music as both a privilege and a responsibility, approached with sincerity, commitment, and gratitude. My ultimate goal is for students to discover the joy and empowerment in music, become self-sufficient artists, and contribute meaningfully to the community.

Commitment to DEI, Relevance and Applicability

Reflecting on diverse experiences in global musical settings, I am committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. I actively promote the exploration of varied musical languages and cultures, encourage cross-departmental collaborations, and champion the interaction among students from different backgrounds. My teaching approach involves assigning repertoire that honors underrepresented composers and resonates with the students’ cultural identities, fostering a sense of belonging and self-esteem. Drawing from my own journey as an international student, I empathize with the unique challenges faced and strive to nurture each student’s individuality, helping them find deeper connections with music. Holding a DEI Certificate from the University of Michigan, I remain dedicated to continuous learning and development in diversity, equity, and inclusion.



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