Aleksandr Polyakov

Cultivating Aspiring Artists Crafting Excellence Building Confidence Nurturing Creativity Conquering Anxiety

Aleksandr Polyakov

Educator   Concert Pianist   Orchestral Conductor

Cultivating Aspiring Artists

Nurturing Creativity         Building Confidence

Aleksandr Polyakov

Online Workshops

Anxiety Management: Audition without Boundaries 

Ultimate Practicing Crashcourse

Offered for FREE, to current and prospective students of the U.S. Institutions


Practicing Blueprint and Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Fill out the form and turn your practice into a more
Efficient, Intentional, and Mindful process.

I can help you to

Perform with Impact

Audience-Centric approach
Prepare for performances with the audience in mind, aiming to create soul-warming, transformative experiences. Each musical performance is an opportunity to touch hearts and change lives.

Conquer Your Stage Fears

Anxiety & Stress Management
Through a specialized Performance Anxiety mentorship program, you will be able to overcome stage fright and let talent shine when it matters the most.

Learn Mindfully

Growth Mindset & Confidence
Evolve in an environment that celebrates strengths and turns mistakes into learning opportunities. Foster unshakable self-belief and see musical challenges as stepping stones to mastery.

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Hello, and welcome!

As an educator and performer,
I utilize 

Ancient Philosophies
Positive Psychology
Student-Centered Pedagogy
Prompt Engineering (A.I.)

 to foster Every Voiceinside and outside of the classroom

and to provide a well-rounded, thorough, relatable and creative learning process. 

Events & Workshops

Oct 14
Chamber Performance – Newton, MA

Oct 26-29 –
Sweet Charity – Boston Conservatory at Berklee (tickets)

Nov 3
Artistry in Action – @ BCB (tickets)

Nov 4
Solo Recital – @ BCB

...on Inefficient Practicing

Do you, occasionally find yourself stuck in endless practice sessions, working through your repertoire with a nearly imperceptible sense of progress?

Imagine all the time that is used to make you dislike and dread something, that you intrinsically love. Those are the hours of your life, that can be used with dedication to mastering your craft, polishing upcoming presentations of your full potential (in a performance), and simply enjoying your life.

Unlock the secrets to mindful and effective practice routines. With a structured, efficiency-focused approach, turn every minute at your instrument into a step forward on your path to musical excellence and audience engagement. To learn at your own pace – check out the recommended literature at P.E.P. page.

Consultations & Practicing Review

I'm offering weekly "online office hour":
A one-on-one, 20-30-minute Video Call session to discuss any of your concerns related (and not limited to):
- auditioning process
- performance anxiety
If you are unsatisfied with your academic progress or artistic well-being - Let's connect!

Additionally, I'm offering Practicing Review sessions -

For more details and to connect, click on the button below, or -
directly book our appointment, or send me a text via messenger.


Polyakov Educational Platform

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learning and performing habits, explore P.E.P. page 

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